~ Cherish Your Parents, Cherish Your Loved Ones ~ They Won’t Be Here Forever & Neither Will You :'(


                                                   “Me & My Dad Doing Homework”

I just wanted to post my story and feelings on how I felt when I lost my Dad.

My Dad is my Mothers brother, I know it sounds sick..lol.. but it’s not what you think, my Dad took me from my Mom (his sister) from California and brought me to live with him here in Hawaii when I was 5 years old, so he was “Uncle” for a little while then I started to call him “Dad” a few months later, He was the only real Dad I ever knew cause my Mom wasn’t with my Dad anymore, not since I was 2. Anyway, My Dad was the my inspiration, my hero & my role model of what kind of person I want to be when I grew up, he was the most loving and caring person I have ever known or even met in my whole life even up till now. When I lost him, I was so hurt and furious that God took him away from me and BEGGED him to give him back to me and take me instead! And what confused me and everyone who knew him was that, my dad was healthy, he played volleyball every single day, he wasn’t sick or anything like that. It was just a sudden death that came out of nowhere!!!(Heart Attack)

I DIDN’T even get to say goodbye! When I was notified that he passed, I thought I was just having a terrible nightmare, I cried and  splashed cold water on my face to see if it was real, I broke down even more realizing that I’m not sleeping and cried the whole way to the hospital, when I got there, It was weird but I couldn’t cry no more, I was just staring at him as he laid there motionless and I was furious and hurt that he was gone and I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I asked God, why would you take him from me and why so sudden, for the life he lived, HE DESERVED  a chance to say goodbye to his kids and family AT LEAST!!   Plus I was so mad at myself too, because that night he passed away, earlier that same day I just got hired for a Job and after the orientation I called my dad to ask for a ride home, he said okay and if I can wait about an hour cause he was still at work. I said okay and we hung up, 20 minutes later I bumped into my cousins good friend and he offered me a ride home, I called my Dad and told him, “That’s okay Dad, a friends going to take me home, thanks though Daddy. ” He says, “Okay baby, but come by the office tomorrow, I’m going to buy you a buss pass on the way home, come by and pick it up” , I said, “Okay Daddy, THAAAANK you. I’ll see you then, I love you , He said, “I love you too, I’ll see you tomorrow” and we both say goodbye . That was the LAST time I spoke to him!!! That was the last time I said “I LOVE YOU” and that was the LAST time I said “GoodBye”

Cherish your Parents, Cherish Your Loved Ones, We Only Live One Life & We Must Cherish Every Moment Spent With Them. If I Just Waited For My Dad, I Would’ve Spent Time With Him Before Going Home That Night… I Regret It Then & I Regret It Now & That Day Is Always On My Mind. I Can’t Let It Go, It’s Stuck With Me & It Hurts…


“Me, My Dad & My Sister On At Her Wedding”

I Wish My Dad Could Be Here For Mine, My Mom Has To Walk Me Down The Isle Now… :”(


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